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Faith Formation

Faith Formation Calendar 2021/2022

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Registration 2021/2022

Faith Formation, formerly Religious Education, denotes more than knowledge of God and the tenets of our Catholic Religion, which are important.  Faith Formation speaks of a continuing growth in our relationship with God and with the Church - the People of God.  It also includes prayer, worship, and a sense of service to each other.  

Faith Formation is life long and ongoing.

Celebration in LIturgy and service to others reinforces what is taught in the classroom. 

Children's faith is first formed within the family   "The role of of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute" (Declaration on Christian Education #3 - Vatican II).  The Christian community assists you in this important role.

Being instrumental in your child's faith formation helps you grow in your own faith.  To this end, we offer parent sessions, adult formation opportunities and formation sessions for children.  This handbook offers opportunities in our faith Formation Process.

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing any sort of barrier or alienation between you and the church feel free to contact the pastor or a staff member so that together we might explore possible solutions.

2021/20212 Faith Formation Calendar                                                                REGISTRATION