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The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter
4781 West Seneca Turnpike (Church)
4782 West Seneca Turnpike (Office)
Syracuse, NY 13215                                          
(315) 469-6995



The Church of St. Michael & St. Peter offers several payment options for you to make your donations to the Church.  Please see the list below.   We appreciate your generosity and commitment to the Church.  Please call us at the Rectory if you have any questions regarding the different alternatives.  Thank you.

  • Register with the Office staff to receive weekly envelopes.  You can either call or stop in at the Rectory to initiate the process or register on-line.   The office staff mails out the envelopes on a quarterly basis.  Please let us know if you will be out of town for an extended period of time so you do not receive the envelopes during your absence.  
  • Pick up an Enrollment Form at the Rectory to set up payment preferences for donations to be deducted from your checking or savings account or through your credit card. 

You can also donate online. Click on the donate button below and then select your option when you are on the Paypal website. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Weekly Offerings
  • General Offertory
  • Capital Campaign
  • Faith Formation Tuition
  • Haiti Committee
  • Electronic Giving


When using the PayPal platform, you will have an OPTION to choose where you want your donation to be allocated. You can select one of the options, listed above. i.e. weekly offerings.

Also, if you are using your credit card, do not check the box to save your information, or it will require you to enter your PayPal account information.  Thank you!

  • Other ways to donate:  As a faithful Parishioner you have been very generous to our Church through the years.  Now will you consider continuing this kindness through other forms of giving while you are with us and after you go to the Lord.

There are many ways in which you can continue to help the Parish.  You may give to the General Fund allowing the Church flexibility on how the funds are used.  Or you can specify how the funds should be used, such as for Capital Improvements.

A.  When making funeral arrangements for yourself or for those close to you, you can instruct your family to suggest making a donation to St. Michael and St. Peter in memory of the soul of the deceased.

B.  You may consider including St. Michael and St. Peter in your Will.  A bequest via Will is an attractive option for a donor wishing to ensure that a charitable legacy is realized.

C.  Name St. Michael and St. Peter as an owner and/or beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy or Annuity Contract.  Donors sometimes have purchased these products for purposes that no longer exist.  If the donor continues to pay insurance premiums it could be considered a tax deductible donation.

D.  Donate tangible assets, such as property, appreciated stocks, bonds, or other investment vehicles, that could yield a personal tax benefit to the donor.

E.  You may consider conveying an IRA or other qualified retirement plan account to the Parish by naming St. Michael and St. Peter a beneficiary for the remaining balance of the account after you pass on.